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The world's most popular musical tale and has been in our repertoire since 1968.


A perennially popular tale of Peter, the disobedient boy, and a wolf played to the music of Prokofiev, is magically brought to life with the animated quality of a big screen cartoon.

Eight almost-life-size puppet characters interact with a real-life narrator to present a warm and humorous look at the classic.

The show is presented in a unique Czech-style black theatre technique, where puppeteers manipulate the puppets from behind and are not visible to the audience. The puppets move easily to the music in a black void around a live narrator.



Just like Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf," Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Sweets" is an exciting way to introduce children to classical music.

The show includes a short overture, March (of the Penguins) Grandfather's Dance with Snowmen, Dance of the Flutes - a variety of Christmas ornaments, Russian Dance with Bears, and Pulchinellas.

This part of the show will make your students dance in the isles.

Our teacher's guide includes suggestions how your students can make their own Nutcracker variety show.




J. C. Patterson - Narrator

 T. J. McSparrin,  Olivia Hansford, Lesley Raybon, Peter Zapletal

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