Mississippi Puppetry Guild





  Belhaven University  
  Center for the Arts  

835 Riverside Drive


Jackson, Mississippi

  Friday, December 2, at 9 AM


  Wednesday, December 7, at 9 AM    
  Thursday - Friday 12/8 and 12/9 Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite" is an exciting way to introduce  
  at 9 and 11 AM children to this classic story, classical music, and puppetry.  Our version  
    was specifically designed for the younger audience from pre-K  
   TICKETS to 5th grade. The world-famous ballet  is performed often, but very rarely   
  Group tickets are $8 per person using puppets and the unique black theatre technique, developed  
  One free ticket for teachers by Czech puppeteers.  This complex and stunning style of presentation  
  with each group of 10 allows complete freedom of movement for the almost-life-size puppets  
  The tickets are $10 per person who interact on stage with a real-life narrator, Dr. Drosselmeyer.   
    Puppets move effortlessly, without visible means of support, because  
    the puppeteers, standing directly behind them, cannot be seen.  
   Or you can send us an e-mail Thank you for your commitment to children. If we can make your field trip  
   click here. easier, please let us know.  
  Single tickets are $10.  Groups of ten and more - $8.00 per person.   

  One free adult ticket with each group of ten children. 


Contact us for Tickets                    Map to Belhaven Center for the Arts (PDF format)


We are very thankful to our sponsors, who made it possible for us to keep the cost of the tickets at an affordable level. Events of the Mississippi Puppetry Guild are made possible in part by grants from the Mississippi Arts Commission, Greater Jackson Arts Council, Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau and the National Endowment for the Arts.