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  Working together we can accomplish things, the special skills of apparent “misfits,” and the value of the individual in a group context.

This well-known story comes from the collection of the folk tales collected by Brothers Grimm. It was adapted for the Puppet Arts Theatre by John Webb, a playwright and theatre and entertainment reviewer for a variety of newspapers, from The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, to International Herald Tribune in Paris.

The puppets were designed by Floyd Shaman, a sculptor well-known for his whimsical wooden statues. Mr. Shaman lives in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Sherman Lee Dillon, another well-known Mississippi performer from Jackson, composed and performed the music for the show.

The sets for the production were created by Jarmila Zapletal, professional puppet maker and designer, member of the company.


Keri Horn, Stacy Howell and Peter Zapletal

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