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JUNIE B. JONES! Keni Bounds is the proprietor of Detectives Dinner Theatre that always offers a great play in addition a plate of great food.

For her company not only she writes the plays, organizes the performances but also appears in the show.  This is her fourth year as Junie B.

May Lesley Raybon is a veteran actress/puppeteer with the Puppet Arts Theatre where she performs in plays like "Pinocchio," "The Toad Prince," "Carnival of the Animals" and "Trickster Tales starring Anansi the Spider."
 Lesley was seen on stage in "Five Woman Wearing the Same Dress," and in "Dead Man's Cell Phone" in the Unframed series at the New Stage Theatre.
Mr. Scary Chris Moore is seen often on stages around Jackson in productions of the Fondren Theatre Workshop. Previously, he was one of the puppeteers in Ken Ludwig's Twas the Night Before Christmas. This year he is coming back to his role of Mr. Scary.
Herb Tiffany Jefferson is a well-known dancer and choreographer in Jackson, but she also acts and appears at the New Stage. This is her second time tackling the puppets. Welcome back, Tiffany.
Lucille Christy Brady joined Puppet Arts Theatre five years ago.  She is often seen on stage in Madison as a member of the Center Players Community Theatre.  Recently she was cast in "Li'l Abner" as Moonbeam McSwine and in Once Upon the Mattress.


Elf Ellen
In Junie B., Christy appears as Lucille, but also as Elf Ellen.

Beside acting, Christy serves as a choreographer and dance teacher.  This is her second time tackling the puppets.

Sheldon T. J. McSparrin joined the Puppet Arts Theatre 25+ years ago.  She was seen in "The Snow Queen," "The Fisherman & His Wife," "Classical Miniatures," "The Nutcracker Suite," and "Peter & the Wolf."  Last year she was in "Twas the Night Before Christmas," as Emily, this year she is returning to role of Sheldon.
Jose Olivia Hansford, long time puppeteer with the Puppet Arts Theatre will tackle the role of Jose this year.

Previously, she appeared in The Toad Prince, Nutcracker Suite, Carnival of the Animals and Peter and the Wolf.

Mr. Toot J. C. Patterson is well-known to his audiences from appearances with Puppet Arts Theatre as a narrator in "Peter & the Wolf" and Dr. Drosselmeyer in "The Nutcracker."

In this show, J. C. takes on two roles, Mr. Toot and Phillip Jonny Bob.

Philip Jonny Bob


J. C. is often see in theatrical productions around Jackson, like Actor's Playhouse or Fondren Theatre Workshop.

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