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That Junie B. Jones is getting into trouble AGAIN!

Junie B. Jones, our very precocious and bright first grader, spends the length of the show reminding us of the importance of sharing, respecting authority, being kind to others, and as is appropriate this holiday season the joy of giving. Junie B. shares the stage with five classmates and their teacher, Mr. Scary. Most of the play focuses around Christmas and the class's upcoming performance of "Jingle Bells." Junie B., ever the rebel, refuses to stick to the original lyrics and dives off into her own rendition of the song using the "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg" lyrics. This deviation enrages her classmate, May, who is known for tattling and for disliking Junie B. To sour the apple even further, Junie B. blindly selects May as her Secret Santa and is left with the task of purchasing a gift for her. Junie B. struggles with the desire to be selfish (or "a shellfish" as they say in the play) and purchase a gift for herself rather than a gift for May.


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